Multimodal Recontextualisations of Violent Extremist Discourse

Lead CI: Professor Kay O’Halloran CIs: Dr Sabine Tan, Dr Peter Wignell, Dr Rebecca Lange and Dr Kevin Chai
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Images from ISIS propaganda magazines Dabiq and Rumiyah are also found on English language websites. These sites appear to be predominantly corporate news websites and official webpages and blogs, judging from the formality of the language: see images categorised as ‘news and politics’ and ‘corporate’ tonality in the Figure. From this perspective, it becomes clear that Western news plays a large role in the recirculation of violent extremist images.

Reference: Tan, S., O’Halloran, K. L., Wignell, P., Chai, K., & Lange, R. (2018). A Multimodal Mixed Methods Approach for Examining Recontextualisation Patterns of Violent Extremist Images in Online Media. Discourse, Context and Media (21), 18-35. doi:

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