Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer Convertibility Calculator

What does that number under "Probability of Volunteering" mean?

This is the probability that an individual might be converted to (take up) volunteering. It changes according to the answers input into the Calculator. The higher the number, the more likely the person can be persuaded to participate in volunteering.

This Calculator is only applicable to people who do not currently volunteer and have not volunteered in the recent past. How do I determine if the prospective volunteer fits these criteria?

For the "Probability of Volunteering" to be valid, the prospective volunteer must answer 'No' to each of the following questions:

Q1) Have you given time/volunteered in the last 12 months (giving time without pay to an organisation/association)?

Q2) Have you given time/volunteered in the last 5 years (giving time without pay to an organisation/association)?

Q3) Have you given your time freely and without pay to any to these organisations within the last 5 years?
Your kid's school or sport,
Your church,
Your work,
As part of your studies.

Can I download these convertibility questions?

A two-page questionnaire can be downloaded at this link. It has all the questions your potential volunteer will have to answer to find out their probability of volunteering. You can use this as a stand-alone instrument or integrate the questions into your existing recruitment questionnaire. The wording of these questions should not be altered as the validity of the Calculator output may be affected.

What if I want to ask a question that is not on the list?

The Volunteer Convertibility Calculator is the result of a nationally representative survey of volunteer participation in Australia. These questions have been found from an extensive range of variables, including volunteering motives, attitudes to giving, beliefs about volunteering, amongst others, to best discriminate between volunteers and non-volunteers. We would encourage organisations wishing to use the Calculator to embed these questions within their recruitment questionnaire.

How might I use the Calculator in practice?

We intend that the Calculator should complement the existing recruitment practices of volunteer-involving organisations. We do not intend that potential volunteers access the Calculator directly but rather that it be used as a tool for volunteer-involving organisations and the voluntary sector. It should not substitute for any recruitment practices that are currently working well in your voluntary organisation. It has been designed to calculate the likelihood of people (who do not currently volunteer and have not volunteered in the recent past) taking up volunteering based on their current status, history, perceptions and attitudes related to volunteering.

Has the Calculator been tested in practice?

The reliability and validity of the Calculator will be tested in practice with volunteer-involving organisations to assess if volunteer conversion rates correlate with other indicators such as volunteer turnover. Please contact the project team if your organisation is interested in evaluating the Calculator in action as part of this validation research phase. Additionally, we would welcome any feedback on the experience of organisations using the Calculator.

The Recruitability Tool

How do I decide which box of each matrix aligns with my current volunteer involving organisation?

Scroll down to the questions at the bottom of each matrix page. Click on the Questions button. These questions will help you decide which square currently best describes your organisation or program.

Why do I need to click twice on different boxes of each matrix?

The instruction to click on the squre that best describes your current organisation is in green. Once clicked, the text now in blue, requests you choose a square that describes what you would like to attain. Once clicked a series of recommendations and resources will appear.

Are the recommended resources the only ones available?

The recommended resources represent a sample of those available to organisations. When using materials designed for organisations outside Australia please remember that legal and regulatory frameworks are different. You may wish to contact your local volunteer support organisation for more information. Contact your state peak body on volunteering or your nearest Volunteer Support Organisation.