ResBaz : Perth Perth

28 June - 2 July 2021

About ResBaz Perth 2021: 'Pick and Mix' Edition


The Research Bazaar is a worldwide festival promoting the digital literacy emerging at the center of modern research.

Hosted online in 2021, the Perth Research Bazaar is a FREE 5-day virtual 'pick and mix' conference where researchers come together to up-skill in ‘next generation digital research tools and skills’. In the spirit of a marketplace or bazaar, ResBaz is a highly participatory event where researchers from many different disciplines can learn, share knowledge and skills, and have fun!

Who should attend? Researchers at ALL levels from ALL disciplines. PhD and research Masters students are especially encouraged to attend. Research technologists who support researchers to do their job should also come along! Sessions at ResBaz this year are intended to offer a brief practical introduction to a broad selection of topics and tools related to digital research practice relevant across the disciplines.

Please note, registration is required for each of the individual workshops. You may attend as many workshops and presentations as you like! Some of the computational training workshops do have capacity limits, and we will endeavour to make recordings of these sessions available on the website where possible.

Registrations are now open for the majority of the sessions, please check the SCHEDULE and SESSIONS pages.




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Latest News

Thank you!

And that’s a wrap on ResBaz Perth 2021!! Thank you to our amazing volunteers, presenters, helpers, organisers and participants! We had 25+ speakers 20+ helpers deliver over 40 hours of content this past week, with over 800 registrations from nea... continue reading

Lunch Cancelled and Session Recordings

With Perth’s 4 day (hopefully) lockdown currently in place, we unfortunately have had to cancel the Celebration Lunch scheduled on Friday- registrants should have received an email. We hope you are all staying safe and well, and are enjoying the ... continue reading


We'd like to thank the dedicated volunteers behind ResBaz Perth 2021!

ResBaz Perth 2020/2021 Program Organising Committee

Curtin Institute for Computation, Curtin University | Kathryn Napier, Rebecca Lange
Curtin University | Shih Ching Fu, Tania Lerch
Australian Research Data Commons | Matthias Liffers, Nichola Burton
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre | Ann Backhaus, Luke Edwards
Edith Cowan University | Chandra Salgado Kent
University of Western Australia | Katina Toufexis
Edith Cowan University | Alyce Russell
Rick Tankard

ResBaz Perth 2021 Helpers

Australian Space Data Analysis Facility (ASDAF) | Mortaza Rezae
Curtin Institute for Computation, Curtin University | Foad Farivar, Rebecca Lange, Dan Marrable, Kathryn Napier, Nancy Tippaya, Leigh Tyers
Curtin University | Janice Chan, Shih Ching Fu, Tania Lerch, Valerie Maxville, Andrew Rohl, Ranjodh Singh, Michael Wilson
Edith Cowan University | Alyce Russell
Harry Perkins Institute | Joakim Karlsson
Murdoch University | Siobhan Egan
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre | Sarah Beecroft
The University of Western Australia | Philipp Bayer, Somayra Mamsa, Lyron Winderbaum